Fnatic miniSTREAK & STREAK review: eSports grade Cherry MX mechanical gaming keyboards

The Fnatic STREAK and miniSTREAK mechanical gaming keyboards offer great performance and value with their Cherry MX switch choice selections.

Fnatic, known for their eSports teams, has just added a few gaming peripherals to their armory for gamers. Our Fnatic miniSTREAK and STREAK review takes a look at two of these new peripherals: mechanical gaming keyboards in a tenkeyless and full-size format featuring your choice of Cherry MX switches. Read on to see how these keyboards developed with feedback from Fnatic’s eSports players perform!

NOTE: normally we don’t double up on products in reviews but given the similarities between the STREAK and miniSTREAK keyboards, it makes sense in this case. As a result, the rating will be a bit of a combined rating when it comes to things like design and price/value.

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