Eve V Review

The Eve V (pronounced “vee” not “five,” selling for $799 to start, $1,599) is an unlikely story. This 12.3-inch, detachable 2-in-1started its life on Helsinki-based tech company Eve-Tech’s forums, where a community of users argued and collaborated over the specs they wanted. The concept found its way to Indiegogo, where it was funded, and now, it’s shipping. So how did it turn out? Too many cooks can spoil the broth, but the Eve V is a solid first attempt. The community’s decision to go with a weak Intel Y-series CPU is questionable, and the battery life isn’t great. But a stunning design and one of the best displays I’ve seen this year make this machine worthy of consideration, as long as you trust an unproven company.


The Eve V is built like a champ, and if you told me any massive, established laptop vendors had produced it, I would believe you. There’s one exception: There’s very little branding, which I appreciate. The black, aluminum tablet has very little flourish on the back, except for a small, almost unnoticeable upside-down triangle (the Eve V logo) at the very bottom. The kickstand pulls out from the side like what happens on a Microsoft Surface Pro, and it’s the only part that feels a little flimsy.

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