Don’t Buy a Gaming Laptop Without Pascal, Unless You Hate Yourself

Hey there, champ. You seem like a nice enough gamer. Don’t you want nice things? Nice things that deliver power rivaling a desktop that’s VR-ready and overclockable? If not, then go ahead and spend over $1,000 to buy an older, non-Pascal gaming laptop without a 120-Hz G-Sync display.

I mean, I’m sure you’ll love those significantly lower frame rates. You can just game on medium settings, right? No.

msi gt62vr gaming

Friends don’t let friends buy out-of-date tech, so I’m imploring you not to impulsively buy that about-to-be-discontinued relic — because it’s not good enough. Nvidia’s new Pascal GPU, also known as the GTX 10 series, has significantly shrunk the gap between notebooks and desktops. So don’t even entertain the thought of saving a few dollars by buying last year’s model. Here are a few reasons why.

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