Dell XPS 15 9550 review: An expensive laptop – and there are better options for gamers – but there’s much to like, too

The XPS range is where you’ll find Dell’s most desirable laptops. These aren’t all-practical workstations, or budget models. XPS is where Dell’s fanciest designs team-up with higher-end components. The idea is these are laptops you’ll be proud to use.

This is the larger of the two Dell XPS models, the XPS 15. Much more than just a larger version of the XPS 13, reviewed, this one trades away stamina in order to pack in a high-power CPU and a graphics chipset that’ll let you play recent games without making the visuals look like those of an original Xbox title.

The Dell XPS 15 does this by retaining portability too. This is still not a laptop for those after something to use for a day’s work as they sit in Starbucks. But as a mostly home-bound machine that can tackle tasks that’d make a MacBook 12in wince, it’s a winner.


These abilities don’t come cheap, though. We’re looking at the very lowest-end Dell XPS 15 spec, which costs £1,029/$1,544 from Dell and makes some fairly significant spec sacrifices to even get down to that price

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