Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Hands-on Review : Is This Linux Laptop Worth $1,500?

Thanks to its lightweight chassis, gorgeous screen and epic battery life, the Dell XPS 13 has been our favorite laptop overall for more than 18 months now. Though it’s not targeted directly at business users, the laptop’s industry-leading design and strong performance make it a great choice for workers, especially coders. The XPS 13 Developer Edition ($1,049 to start, $1,550 as tested) is a version of the notebook running Ubuntu Linux 14.04 that is primed for, you guessed it, developers.

dell xps 13 ubuntu w g01

Most people who want Linux on a laptop install it themselves (it’s free, after all), but the XPS 13 Developer Edition comes with it working out of the box. It’s less work to set up, but you have fewer configuration options. It’s probably not a worthwhile buy for an individual developer, but companies shopping for a fleet of employees can save some time with a computer that runs Linux right out of the box.

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