Dell Precision 3520 Review


You can’t work at your desk all the time. The Dell Precision 3520 ($999 to start, $2,249 as tested) uses discrete graphics in a workstation that’s small enough that you could carry it around if you wanted. The Nvidia Quadro GPU and Intel Core i7 CPU make a potent mix for multitasking and graphics performance, and the optional six-cell battery lasted over 10 hours. However, this Dell’s dim screen and flexy keyboard will have you checking out its competitors.


The Precision doesn’t make much of a design statement; it’s all business. The lid is made of black plastic, except for Dell’s logo in the center, which is silver. Lifting the lid reveals the touch-screen display, chiclet keyboard with number pad and a plastic deck (also black, but with a subtle, glittery finish). The only color in the computer is on the pointing stick in the center of the keyboard, which has a light blue circle surrounding (you guessed it) more black.

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