Dell Latitude 15 3590 review – improvement over last year’s fluke but not that significant

The Latitude 15 3590 is a budget business device manufactured by Dell. It is meant to cover the most important security features of the Latitude line up while keeping the costs low. This, according to Dell, makes it the perfect laptop for growing businesses and we are here to test that. Of course, when you want to keep the price down, you have to make compromises either with hardware, or other areas. Well, Dell did that in a reasonable manner.

The unit we are about to review has the agility of the Coffe Lake ULV chips – Core i5-8250U, to be precise. At the same time, it is equipped with a Full HD TN panel, which is a pity, given the fact that there are laptops in this price range which include an IPS one. Moreover, it lacks the distinctive joystick and dedicated mouse buttons. Nevertheless, we are sure that everyone doubts the point of this joystick anymore, so no love lost here. One of the most prominent features is actually the fact that you get a three-year Next-Business-Day warranty from Dell, wherever you are, which is extremely important if you use your laptop for work.

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