Dell Latitude 11 for Education (3150) Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dell Latitude 11 for Education (3150) Review

Schools need cheap options to outfit their students with computers, and the Dell Latitude 11 for Education (starting at $379) is a clear attempt to fill that need. It’s a full PC that runs Windows 10 and includes a 250GB hard drive to store homework locally. It’s tough enough to withstand bumps and drops. However, this notebook’s Intel Celeron N2840 CPU and 2GB of RAM are sluggish even when nothing is running. Despite the system’s great keyboard and loud speakers, it’s hard to recommend this laptop to students or to teachers who want to outfit classes with tech.


The Dell Latitude 11 for Education has a utilitarian design that is meant more for protection than to show off. The entire chassis is made of black plastic with rubberized black edges for shock absorption, and the lid is unadorned, with the exception of Dell’s logo and an LED light.

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