Dell Inspiron Gaming 15 7566 Review : Decent Gaming Notebook For The Money

Gaming notebooks aren’t cheap. On the contrary – they’re usually one of the more expensive notebooks that you can buy today. Turns out playing games on decent-ish framerates and graphical settings require stuffing a notebook with high-end components drive prices up considerably, sometimes to insane levels. But if you look hard enough there are decent options in the market today. Some will say even downright affordable, as far as pricing for gaming notebooks are concerned. Dell’s latest gaming notebook launched in the Philippines, the Inspiron Gaming 15, is one of those notebooks, walking the line between performance and affordability.

Subdued design is a breath of fresh air

Let’s be honest here: a majority of gaming notebooks have gaudy, loud designs, dotted with LED lights and obnoxious exhaust vents. The Dell’s offering is a breath of fresh air in that regard, sporting a matte black outer lid, and a rather subdued design without a single LED strip or light in sight.

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