Nissan Micra (2017) first drive: Same name, different personality

Nissan’s Micra has been around for decades. Since 1983 in fact, selling over 3.5million in Europe alone during its lifetime. It’s a car everyone has heard of, even if not for all the best reasons.

Despite its popularity, the Micra hasn’t ever been the most exciting car on the road, at least not for those below certain age. That’s about to change though, because 2017 Micra is completely different and it’s lovely.

Nissan has completely reinvented the Micra in the fifth generation. The new model might carry the same iconic name, but it isn’t the Micra as you know it. Instead, the company appears to have scrapped everything except the name to deliver a Micra with a much wider appeal. Sorry grandma, but the Nissan Micra is no longer all about you.

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