CyberPowerPC Pro Streamer Review : Two PCs, One Box

It might sound crazy, but there’s a good chance your favorite Twitch streamer uses two PCs at once when broadcasting — one for gaming, one for streaming. This dual-desktop setup allows for maximum performance and convenience, though it comes at the cost of having two huge towers underneath your desk. That’s where CyberPower’s Pro Streamer comes in.

This beast of a gaming machine ($2,239 starting, $4,500 as reviewed) stuffs two entire PCs inside a single case, allowing you to reap the benefits of dual-PC streaming without having to buy (or make room for) two separate desktops. The Pro Streamer’s preloaded streaming software and fairly painless setup process make it an excellent choice for those who want to go the two-PC route. However, you’ll need to put some serious thought into whether you need that much power in the first place.

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