Cherry DW 9000 Slim review: Eye-catching keyboard and mouse combo is pleasingly productive

Thin, durable, and customizable, the DW 9000 Slim is a worthy replacement for your daily driver.

The Cherry DW 9000 Slim is a modestly priced wireless desktop keyboard-and-mouse combo. With its full-size layout and comfortable keys, the keyboard can be easily swapped in for your daily driver without missing a stroke. And, though the mouse is a little on the small size, its half-dozen customizable keys allow you to tailor it to your productivity needs.


The Cherry DW 9000 Slim is quite a looker. The underside of my review model was done in bronze, with the top deck and keys in black. (It’s also available in a very Apple-like silver-and-white color scheme.) There’s a bit of cutaway around each key to allow a sliver of bronze to show through, creating a nice accent trim.

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