be quiet Dark Base Pro 900 review – a Transformers or simply a case with infinite capabilities

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We are really happy to have received a very rare computer case – be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900. You may be wondering why we used the word “rare” – well, it’s because the model sold like hotcakes in Europe, and it may be temporarily unavailable in some countries. It is namely for this reason that we decided to share with you a few words on the merits of this case, and disclose before your eyes the putting together of a BTX configuration. So if you want to learn more about Dark Base Pro 900, take some time and enjoy this review.

You can visit our YouTube channel and watch our be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 – full assembly video, and if you like the content, you can give us a thumbs up and hit that “Subscribe” button. Before beginning the review itself, we would like to tell you a few words about the hardware components that you will see in the lines below. The processor we used is Intel Core i5-6600K and, by some chance, for its cooling we resorted to be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3. Additionally, in our review you will find a GeForce GTX 1080 GameRock Premium Edition – we figured that the second most powerful NVIDIA GPU would be the best graphics card both for the tests conducted below and the overall appearance of the configuration.

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