Azio Retro Classic review: Backlit mechanical keyboard offers vintage style

My first typewriter was grandma’s old 1933 Royal Model 10-S, and those vintage keys spit out thousands of pages during my formative teenage years before the arrival of word processors. I still miss the firm, satisfying snap of metal keys, which I’ve never been able to replicate on Mac keyboards.

Leave it to Azio, a company known for sturdy mechanical keyboards aimed at gamers and hardcore typists, to come up with the next best thing. The Retro Classic ($190, available on Amazon) combines modern technology with vintage good looks in a new line of luxury keyboards that offer the same type of circular keys I grew up with.

Vintage style

The first thing you’ll notice is how solid this keyboard is, weighing in at a hefty 3.5 pounds thanks to a polished alloy frame. There’s a small brushed aluminum plaque bearing the model name coated in glossy lacquer paint, an impressive touch. This is one of the most handsome personal computer accessories I’ve ever used, featuring the kind of tactile, clicky mechanical keys I love.

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