Asus VivoBook S510U review

With a starting price of $799 (about £617, AU$1,002), the VivoBook S is a moderately-priced laptop that’s sure to attract attention from students and the casual user. It’s powerful and has a large display, yet is still portable enough to tote around in a backpack.

We’ve spent the past week putting it through our benchmark tests as well as using it for work and play. The VivoBook S spec sheet hits all the right notes, but at the end of the day, real world use tells a slightly different story, but a happy one nonetheless.


Price and availability

This particular model is available in the US for $799 (about £617, AU$1,002), with the same configuration we tested for this review. In the UK and Australia, however, Asus only lists more robust variants of the VivoBook S, with specifications more in line with gaming laptops than the everyday computer we tested. Pricing for the VivoBook S15 models listed in the respective countries wasn’t available at time of writing.

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