Asus GX800 Hands-on Review : A Water-Cooled Gaming Beast

“That looks like a f***ing space cruiser!”

“WTF is that thing?”

“That’s not a laptop, it’s a space engine!”

“Who, why? What’s it do? What’s it doing right now?”

“This thing is weird.”

Those are just a few things my co-workers said when they saw a prototype of the Asus GX800 on my desk, the first gaming laptop with its own water-cooled dock.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of fantastical things during my career as a tech journalist that rarely make it to market. So when I saw the Asus GX800 at this year’s CES, I immediately sent it to the Isle of Vaporware in my mind. But I was pleasantly surprised to find this ginormous machine occupying my desk, like Zuul taking over Dana Barrett’s body in “Ghostbusters.”

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