Sony VPL-HW45ES 1080p SXRD Projector Review

What is the Sony VPL-HW45ES?

The HW45ES is Sony’s latest budget SXRD 1080p projector aimed at the home cinema market and replaces the excellent VPL-HW40ES and also sits below the new VPL-HW65ES in the Sony HW line-up. It has an identical design to those models using the same chassis and layout, but updating the technology inside to improve black levels and overall picture quality over the outgoing HW40ES.

As the industry is moving to 4K Ultra HD resolutions with wider colour gamuts and High Dynamic Range, why would you still pay just under £2,000 for a 1080p only projector with Rec.709 colour? Well that will be very much a personal choice, but for projectors it is going to take a long time to change to the new standards and see prices falling. This is because the projector market is a very small percentage of the overall display sales in the UK and with a smaller market it takes longer to develop and implement new technology at reasonable costs.

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