AMD could be gunning hard for both Intel and Nvidia with rumored Ryzen 4000 and RDNA 2 Navi October launch

AMD will unleash its next-gen Ryzen 4000 desktop processors alongside new Navi RDNA 2-powered graphics cards, with both set to go on sale in October 2020, according to a new rumor.

A two-pronged simultaneous launch like this would certainly be a feat of timing, and could encourage folks looking for a new PC (or revamping an existing one) to go all-in with both a new AMD CPU and GPU – or that would doubtless be the theory.

Of course, we should immediately remind you that this is only speculation, and what’s more, it’s theorizing in the face of the current disruption caused by coronavirus – and who knows how all that might play out as 2020 unfolds (even if AMD, as well as Intel, has recently assured us that the crisis won’t affect CPU shipping and availability).

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