Acer XB323U – Immersive 32-inch 170Hz QHD Gaming Monitor with HDR 600

The upcoming Acer XB323U offers a QHD display in a more immersive, 32-inch size with a decent boost in speed of up to 170Hz. This form factor was previously and commonly offered by LG with the likes of the LG 32GK650F which had a decent price and great gaming performance. However, what sets the Acer XB323U apart is it uses an IPS panel type instead which prioritizes color reproduction and improved viewing angles.

One of the immediately striking characteristics of the Acer XB323U is its design which looks close to the Acer X27 which we prefer over its counterparts when it comes to looks. The sculpture-like stand oozes with a premium appeal, while the Predator markings immediately tell you that this is a premium gaming model. The display area isn’t bezel-free, but we think it’s a design consideration that is related to the backlight.

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