Acer Swift 7 (2018) hands-on review : Laptops don’t get any skinnier than this…

Forget big and chunky gaming machines – what you want is an ultraportable so thin you could practically shave with it.

At a frankly ridiculous 8.98mm, Acer’s Swift 7 might even be thinner than the smartphone you’ve got in your pocket right now. It’s packing 4G LTE, too – so there’s no excuse for not taking it on the move.

Slim dimensions alone don’t make a great laptop, though. Does the Swift 7 have the full package, or is it too skinny for its own good? We gave one a spin at CES to find out.


It sounds slim on paper, but in the metal the Swift 7 somehow feels even thinner. It felt really light, too, although Acer hasn’t revealed the specific weight just yet (and we neglected to bring a set of scales with us to Las Vegas).

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