Acer Swift 1 (SF1113-31 P5CK) Review

Most ultraportable laptops will cost you a pretty penny, especially if you want higher-end specs, but Acer aims to break this mold. Priced at $329, Acer’s 13-inch Swift 1 (SF1113-31 P5CK) is a sturdy notebook loaded with some worthwhile specs, including a 1080p screen and an aluminum chassis. The battery life is a bit below average, but with its attractive design and a variety of ports, the Swift 1 is worth considering.

Editors’ Note: The Wal-Mart price quoted in the button above includes $30.00 in tax.

Design: Simple

The Swift 1 is a simple but sleek laptop. Outfitted with a sturdy, full aluminum body, the Swift 1 is matte gray with black plastic accents, including the keyboard, fingerprint scanner, hinge, trim and rubber grip. A silver Acer logo can be found on the laptop’s lid, while a black one lies on the bottom bezel. The word “Swift” is engraved on the hinge.

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