VaVa Voom 22 Bluetooth speakers review: Affordable true stereo

A true Bluetooth stereo speaker pair for not a whole lot of cash. Despite the low price, the sound is great and the looks are better than that. Good stuff from VaVa.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VaVa Voom 22

One of the problems with most of today’s Bluetooth speakers is the lack of stereo separation. There’s a bit—if you sit or stand in just the right place, but just how much can you do with one physical unit? If you really want the vocal and instrumental field dispersion that’s the whole reason stereo was invented, you need to buy two Bluetooth speakers that can be configured as a stereo pair. The VaVa Voom 22 deliver this via Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Stereo (TWS) technology.

A pair of these are available on Amazon for $219.99, which isn’t completely out of touch with most users’ fiscal realities. And they sound so much better than any single unit, you’ll be glad you laid out the extra cash.

Setting up the VaVa Voom 22 pair is super simple: pull them out of the box, turn them on, press the Bluetooth pair button on either speaker and pair them with the device you want to stream from. The speakers arrange themselves into a stereo pair automatically.

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