Acer Chromebook Spin 11 review

Acer isn’t bashful when it comes to who it built the Chromebook Spin 11 for. This is a rugged Chromebook that can handle an accidental spill, the occasional drop from a desk or someone standing is meant to be in a classroom, of course.

Chromebooks range in price and size, from the smaller 11.6-inch display found on the $399 (about £303, AU$522) Spin 11 to the $199, 14-inch HP Chromebook 14 or the $499 Asus Chromebook Flip with a sharper, 12.5-inch display splitting the difference.

However, only the Spin 11 offers what amounts to be a built-in protective case. That said, being able to withstand some abuse isn’t the entire story for the Spin 11. Its modest specs, combined with impressive battery life, make a case for it to exist outside the classroom.

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