2017 Acura NSX review

Last year, it only took 7 miles of winding mountain road outside of Palm Springs, California for me to figure out that the 2017 Acura NSX was a world-class performance car. The way it responded to steering inputs, hung on around curves at speed, rocketed out of bends, allowed late braking for corners and planted a smile on my face won me over — for the most part.

Like many Honda/Acura enthusiasts, memories of the original NSX continue to dance around in my head. The simplicity of the mid-mounted V6, slick-shifting manual transmission, rear-wheel drive and balanced chassis are things I still long for. The second-generation car, in comparison, is far more complicated with a whiz-bang hybrid drivetrain, dual-clutch gearbox and the only all-wheel-drive system in the world with front wheels driven independently by electric motors. It also carries a hefty $156,000 base price.

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