5 Reasons We Need an iOS 11.3.1 Update

The iOS 11.3 update comes with lots of exciting changes, but it’s also brought some annoying issues we hope Apple fixes before the iOS 11.4 update arrives.

Apple’s iOS 11.3 update is a milestone upgrade which means it brings more than just bug fixes and security patches. The newest version of iOS 11.3 also includes an extensive list of new features including new Animojis for the iPhone X, battery throttling features for older iPhones, upgrades to the App Store and Apple Music, and a new Business Chat for Messages.

For the most part iOS 11.3 is treating our devices well. We haven’t run into severe battery drain and the upgrade is snappy on newer devices like the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Unfortunately, we’ve encountered several annoying problems on the iPhone and iPad and they’ve got us hoping for an iOS 11.3.1 release ahead of iOS 11.4.

With iOS 11.4 on its second beta, it could be several weeks before we see it go live. Many believe iOS 11.4 will be released in and around Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote on June 4th.

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