5 Best Features of the Acer Swift 3: Iron Man Edition

Acer, in partnership with Marvel, recently launched in the Philippines their latest laptop offerings, the Avengers: Infinity War Limited Edition laptops. One of them is the Acer Swift 3: Iron Man Edition. So if you’re contemplating in getting this lappy, we’re giving you 5 reasons why you should.

1) Iron Man-inspired Design

One of the obvious features and main attraction of this laptop is its Iron Man-inspired design. While most laptops feature boring colors and looks, this one will definitely catch everyone’s attention. Like Iron Man’s armor color scheme, the body comes in red, or Hot Rod Red, as Tony Stark Puts it, with gold trimmings that are evident in the hinge, keyboard keys, and trackpad. The lid is printed with Iron Man’s Arc Reactor design, which gives an impression that it lights up when in use.

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