Acer Swift 3

Inside Acer Swift 3 (SF314-59) – disassembly and upgrade options

Getting inside of this device is easy. However, you won’t be really happy with what you

Inside Acer Swift 3 (SF316-51) – disassembly and upgrade options

Acer has hopped on the 16-inch hype train. However, probably to keep the profile slim, they

Top 5 reasons to BUY or NOT to buy the Acer Swift 3 (SF314-59)

While manufacturers want to experiment with various form factors, display sizes, and aspect ratios, people still

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After we’ve reviewed the 16-inch version of the Acer Swift 3, today, we are going back

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It seems like the popular Swift 3 series has grown bigger and more diverse. Last year

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Despite being one of the more popular laptop brands, Acer is still struggling when it comes

These are the top 5 things we like about the Acer Swift 5

If my memory serves me, I have been using the Acer Swift 3 for work about

Top 5 reasons to BUY or NOT to buy the Acer Swift 3 (SF313-53)

Acer’s Swift line has brought some great devices to the market and this new Swift 3

Inside Acer Swift 3 (SF313-53) – disassembly and upgrade options

This device has very potent mobile hardware, but sadly, it doesn’t shine with its upgradability. 1.

Acer Swift 3 (SF313-53) review – more vertical space gets you through your workdays

Earlier this year, Acer revealed a 13-inch laptop that was aimed at workaholics. It sported a

Acer Swift 3X hand-on Review

When we last reviewed the Acer Swift 3 we concluded that it delivered one heck of

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The Acer Swift 3 kicks some serious butt with an AMD CPU Who would’ve thought that

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Top 5 reasons to BUY or NOT buy the Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52)

The Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52) shows that the 3:2 aspect ratio is raising from the ashes.

Inside Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52) – disassembly and upgrade options

Does a different aspect ratio make a whole lot of difference on the inside of a

Acer Swift 3 (SF314-57-57BN) review: Thin, light, affordable, and Ice Lake, with Thunderbolt 3 to boot

Highlights includes a 10th-gen Intel Ice Lake CPU and a sub-three-pound weight. With its slim profile

Acer Swift 3 (2020) hand-on review: It’s all about 3:2 aspect ratio

When we last reviewed the Acer Swift 3, back in 2017, we commended it for being

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Since Acer has released the new Acer Swift 3 SF314-58/G we can compare it with the

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Acer’s Swift 3 was built for the buyer who wants a bit more punch under the

Acer Swift 5 and 3 gain Intel 10th Gen Ice Lake, NVIDIA GeForce MX250

The NVIDIA GeForce MX250 is now available in builds of the Acer Swift 5, a laptop

Acer Swift 3 13 (2019) review

We took a long look at Acer’s Swift 3 with a 14-inch display, and we liked

Acer Swift 3 (2019) review

Powerful graphics and affordable price tags don’t usually go together. That can be a problem for

Top 5 reasons to BUY or NOT buy the Acer Swift 3 (SF314-55)!

The new Swift 3 (SF314-55) by Acer is a beautiful thin-and-light 14” notebook with aluminum body

Acer Swift 3 (SF314-55) review – classy business solution, bearing some flaws

Going a back in time to the nearest past, we showed you a device from Acer.

Acer Swift 3 (SF314-56) review – beautiful performer let down by unsatisfactory keyboard

Acer has upgraded yet another of their strong selling line-ups. This creature’s new name is Swift

The best for 2018: Acer Swift 3 (SF314-52) is a small laptop that can face all challenges

A laptop for universal needs Late spring is that time of the year in which Intel