12 Best-Selling Laptop Cooling Pads, Ranked Best to Worst

So you want to get yourself a cooling pad for your laptop. Maybe you’ve seen them creeping into the suggested products on Amazon, or perhaps you’ve been enviously eyeing the cooling stand on your co-worker’s desk. To help you find the right laptop cooler for you, we’ve tested and ranked 12 of the best-selling laptop cooling pads on the market.

We tested every laptop cooler with a variety of laptops, looking at how each pad handles cooling, what sort of performance boost it really offers and how noisy each one is when operating at peak cooling. When ranking the various products, we not only looked at how well the cooling pad controls temperature, but also considered the feature set, build quality and any unique aspects of the individual models.

Still not sure that you want to buy one? Check out our in-depth look at them in our article Does Anybody Really Need a Laptop Cooling Pad?

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