What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth first made its debut as a consumer technology in 2000 and today it can be found in a wide variety of devices including the best Bluetooth speakers, the best wireless headphones, the best laptops, and more.┬áIt’s a wireless communication protocol for connecting devices through the air over short distances. Though slower than the most recent Wi-Fi 7, it’s often simpler to set up and is usually preferred for device-to-device transfers. With just about every smartphone out there supporting

Bluetooth is designed to be as easy to use as possible which means a lot of the technical aspects of the technology are hidden away from users – at most, you’ll have to enter a PIN code when you’re trying to get two devices to sync up together.Bluetooth uses a closed-off network of 79 bands of radio waves. Bluetooth devices can automatically detect each other and you can connect up to eight different devices at once, all without using up too much valuable battery power along the way.There are two flavors of Bluetooth, Bluetooth Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Bluetooth BR/EDR is more limited in terms of range but is more suitable for keeping up a continuous connection (for streaming audio, for example).The most recent Bluetooth 5.4 lists a maximum theoretical speed of around 2 Mbps (LE) / 50 Mbps (EDR) and a maximum theoretical range of 800 feet (240 meters), but in practice, you’re going to get slower speeds and shorter ranges.It also has a host of new features like improved range and speed, enhanced security, periodic advertising enhancement (devices promote themselves more frequently, channel selection algorithm (selects the best channel for communication), and link loss mitigation (prevents interference from dropping

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