What is a monitor’s refresh rate?

Getting your hands on the best monitor – whether for gaming, productivity, or creative projects – can be a challenge. That’s because there are many moving parts and features to consider to ensure that it best suits your needs and properly fits your gaming PC.One of the most important aspects of any monitor is its refresh rate. Depending on how you plan on using your monitor, you may need something that’s at least 144Hz or 60Hz at the most.

Before you can shop around for the perfect monitor, you first need to understand what refresh rate is.The most basic definition is that it’s the number of distinct frames a monitor can display within a single second, measured in Hz. This is not the same as framerate, which is the number of frames per second that the PC sends to the monitor.The higher the refresh rate, the more frames your monitor can display in a second and vice versa. Higher refresh rates also mean that the monitor will display a sharper picture with less blurred motion. 2. Why is it

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