The Positive Impact Of AI On Education

There can be no denying the fact that, in terms of technology, the world our children occupy these days is already vastly different to the world we experienced as children

Technology has advanced in rapid bounds, and, in many cases, our offspring have grown up to be more familiar with the use of tablets, mobile phones and laptops than the natural world. 

While there are some severe side effects of this proficiency with the use of technology, innovations over the past few years have also brought – and will continue to bring – some significant benefits too, particularly when it comes to the world of education. 

Artificial intelligence is one such innovation that has already shown great promise when it comes to revolutionising education for both students and teachers. Let’s explore some of the positive impacts AI has already had – and can have in future – on the education of our children. 

The Learning Benefits Of Voice AI 

As SoapBox Labs has revealed, the utility of voice AI in education has already been proven – not least by their own bespoke solutions – prompting an upswell of interest on the part of various education companies.  

In fact, education companies are at the forefront of AI adoption, as they strive to provide the highest quality solutions for children of varying ages and accents, and from all economic backgrounds. SoapBox Labs is one of them, having provided tens of millions of ‘learning moments’ to children and teachers, and providing a range of customised tools to help with speech therapy and language learning. 

The use of voice AI brings various benefits to young learners, including providing a wide range of fluency data, assisting with phonemic awareness, and helping children gain confidence in learning a second language, to name just a few advantages. 

AI Will Make Life Easier For Teachers

As well as assisting pupils in a number of vital ways, artificial intelligence also has benefits for teachers, as this new technology means they can automate many of their day-to-day processes. 

Currently, teachers spend a significant proportion of their time on essential but undeniably time-consuming tasks, such as marking essays and exam papers or updating reports. As a result, they have less time for their own personal lives, as well as less time to focus on lesson preparation and other equally important aspects of their role. 

AI has the capacity to take over many of those tasks, freeing teachers to be more productive and effective, and therefore provide a more enriching learning experience for their students. 

AI Can Provide Round-The-Clock Support For Learners

AI is proving invaluable when it comes to remote learning, also known as online education or eLearning. This is because AI chatbots take on a range of vital tasks that they can perform 24 hours a day, including providing access to necessary study materials, answering queries, and assisting with enrolment. 

With the help of chatbots, eLearning around the world is expected to grow by almost 10% by 2026, as more students – both children and adults – opt to make the most of a remote education that they can fit around their families or work commitments. 

Summing Up

Described above are just a few of the various benefits AI can bring to the realm of education. As new innovations continue to unfold, the potential for improvement is vast and limited only by human imagination. 

One thing, however, is certain – with the assistance of AI, both students and teachers can enjoy a less stressful and more effective educational environment, in class and online.