MSI Prestige PX60 6QE Quick look Review – blending the gaming and business worlds into one

Basically, the MSI PX60 is a rebranded GS60 but with a different paint job to better suit business-oriented customers but don’t get fooled by the looks, though. The notebook still packs quite the powerful hardware suitable not only for multimedia but for gaming as well. The device has almost everything in stored for your working and entertainment.


In terms of design, the chassis is fairly similar to the GS60 but as we said earlier, it uses different color scheme. With metallic gray on top of the brushed aluminum, it will appear to the more strict business design, although its weight isn’t exactly suitable for this purpose – 2.1 kg. We do have to give credit to the 20.05 mm thick profile, though, as it makes the notebook fairly portable without missing on all the essential ports. In fact, the laptop offers more than you can ask for at this price point in this regard and even distributes all the connectors evenly on both sides.

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