Laptop Shortage? Why It’s Almost Impossible To Buy A Laptop In 2020

Why is it so hard to buy a laptop now?

If you’re a parent scrambling to buy a laptop for homeschooling or just a regular Joe that’s suddenly required to work from home, you probably know that it’s almost impossible to buy a decently-priced, non-gaming notebook from ANYONE right now. You’ve probably already called all the big dealers AND fell in line in both Gilmore and whatever SM Cyberzone nearest to you only to be told that all the relatively affordable ones (and even some mid-range notebooks) are already out of stock.

So, is there a laptop shortage happening? Sort of. While there’s still plenty of stocks for more expensive models above the Php 50K price range, it’s almost impossible to get anything below that, and stocks for even the more expensive models are starting to evaporate. And the cause is obvious: COVID-19 has hit hard, and stock levels are disappearing as a result.

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