How to use Facebook Messenger on desktop

Facebook Messenger is often associated with keeping in touch with friends and family while on the move, but it need not be limited to your phone. Being able to chat using your handset is definitely useful, but Messenger can also be used on your desktop computer or laptop. In fact, there are various ways in which you can access this ubiquitous chat tool.Perhaps the most obvious method is to simply use the Facebook website where you’ll find that Messenger

Text-based chatting is a simple matter of typing in the text box at the bottom of the Messenger pop-up for a contact and pressing Enter to send. Buttons to the left of the text entry field let you add images, stickers, and GIFs to your messages. You will also notice a series of buttons at the top of the chat window, they can be used to start a voice or video call. If you click the down arrow next to the name of the person you’re chatting with, you can access additional chat options, such as creating a group chat with more

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