Hands-on : This PC’s Pop-Up Privacy Cam Is Brilliant

With all of the horror stories about creeps spying on peeps through their webcams, it’s no wonder that many folks just tape over webcams. But HP has a smarter solution with its new Pavilion All-in-One, available in July and starting at $749. With a simple push, you can pop-up this PC’s Privacy Camera to turn it and the microphone on, or push the camera back down to turn it all off.

This clever, spring-mounted mechanism was born out of necessity, as both the 23.8-inch and 27-inch versions of this all-in-one sport micro-edge displays that reduce the bezel size by 75 percent. It’s a pretty slick space-saving design, although I had to use a little more force than I’d like to have had to pop up the camera during a hands-on preview.

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