Hands On: Crazy Fast Nighthawk X10 Router with Plex Media Server

Netgear has released its newest super duper fast router that can handle any streaming video bandwidth. I’ve spent the last month with the Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 router. Netflix 4k and Amazon UHD streaming as well as VR gaming has been consistent and without a glitch. A quad-core processor, enhanced antennas, and a new WiFi standard work together to bring in the fastest WiFi speeds I’ve seen from a home network router. Along with speed, the X10 has added home network central storage and backup capabilities as well as a Plex Media Server to make it the best home theater streaming router available today. Of course, while it performs beyond that of the average router, it’s also priced above the average router at $500.


The 802.11ac WiFi (“AC routers”) standard has been the recommendation for streaming 4K video. The Nighthawk X10 has added a newer standard—802.11ad. This standard can provide (theoretical) WiFi speeds up to 7 Gbps. Of course, we will have to wait until more streaming TVs and players have the 802.11ad receivers built in, but it does make the Nighthawk future proof for streaming needs over the next few years.

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