Best Laptops to Buy for Your Kids

These days, many 3-year-olds have their own tablets. So by the time children start advancing in elementary school and doing serious homework, they may need to have laptops, too. We’ve rounded up the best affordable laptops for your child in every age range, whether you’re looking for a Chromebook for your elementary school child or a gaming laptop for your teen.

6 Quick Buying Tips

  • What’s the right age for a laptop? Forgot about age numbers. A good sign that your child needs their own laptop is that they’re already using computers — not tablets or phones — a lot at home or school.
  • What’s the school’s laptop policy? Some schools provide students with laptops to take home so you don’t need to buy one. Other districts give kids computers they can use in class only, which means you may want to get a similar software and OS for home.

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