ASUS TUF Gaming A17 FA706 review

This is our detailed review of the Asus TUF Gaming A17 FA706II, the base-tier model of the 2020 TUF Gaming A17 series based on AMD Ryzen 4000 H and Nvidia GTX hardware.

The FA706 is the slightly larger 17-inch version of the more compact FA506 A15 series, which comes with a 15-inch screen. The two are otherwise similar in many ways, but with some subtle differences that you should be aware of when shopping between the two.

We’ll compare them in a different article, as this focuses exclusively on this 17-inch FA706II. The laptop follows-up on the popular TUF Gaming FX705 from 2019 and is more than just a hardware update, as it also improves on aspects such as design, ergonomics, and features, alongside the expected boost in performance and efficiency.

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