Apple may be overthinking the new Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro should be easy for Apple, and the fact that it isn’t is making people worried. A modern workstation has a lot in common with a workstation a decade old, or two: the fastest components available in a form-factor that doesn’t tie you down. If there’s one thing we know about Apple, however, it’s that if there’s an easy way to do something, or an alternative way that could be considered more elegant, it has an uncontrollable desire to chase the latter. The recipe envisaged by some of the more vocal would-be Mac Pro buyers seems a lot more straightforward.

Take a box. A big box. Put a Xeon processor in there. Maybe two. Leave plenty of space left over for PCIe cards, even after you jam a load of fast RAM and solid-state storage inside. Slap an Apple logo on the front.

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