AMD Ryzen 3 3300X review

The AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, along with the Ryzen 3 3100 have finally brought the groundbreaking Zen 2 architecture to the entry-level PC market for the first time. This segment of the lineup was curiously missing when Team Red unveiled Ryzen 3rd Generation back at Computex 2019, so it’s nice to see this platform available to more people.

Because there is some crucial improvements that 3rd Generation Ryzen brings to the table, like PCIe 4.0 and better IPC (instructions per clock) performance, it’s a big deal that it’s now available to the budget end of the spectrum.

Coupled with the AMD B550 chipset that should be showing up in budget motherboards in June 2020, building a PC just got a whole lot cheaper. This will be one of the best processors for folks who are building budget gaming PCs, as it delivers excellent gaming performance at a budget cost – but more on that in a bit.

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