Acer Predator Helios 700 (PH717-72) vs Helios 700 (PH717-71) – the beast gets updated

The new Acer laptop is sporting a new look as well as new hardware. The CPU and GPU have been upgraded to the newest generation in both configurations, making it a pretty good choice for a gaming laptop. The size of this big boy is the same, with a 17.3” screen and a thickness of 41.7mm, but it is 100 grams lighter, which makes it 4.8 kg. Still a bit on the heavier side but it is to be expected with such a powerful beast.

Now, let’s see what did Acer do in order to improve this mighty machine, and if there are some surprises hiding behind the corner.

Design: similar, yet different

At first, both laptops seem the same – the PH717-72 only has the logo on the back of the screen. Additionally, the HDMI port has been moved to the side, and perhaps the biggest difference here is that the laptop now requires two chargers – hence, the two power ports on the back.

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