What’s The Difference Between The Jeep Wrangler And A Rubicon? – SlashGear

Off-road aficionados are well-versed in the iconic Jeep brand, which has been conquering rough terrain for decades. The Jeep Wrangler made its debut in the mid-’80s and is still going strong today, with seven different models available for those looking to challenge the backcountry. According to Good Car Bad Car, there were 155,491 Wrangler units sold in 2023. But with many options, including the Rubicon, what sets these vehicles apart? And should you go with a Jeep Wrangler or

Wrangler 4-Door Rubicon

The Rubicon trim was first available in 2003 and specifically catered to serious off-road driving, with more robust all-terrain options included. That’s not to say the other Wranglers aren’t capable in challenging conditions; it’s just that Rubicon models further enhance the features

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