I was really delighted when Volkswagen Singapore contacted me to express their interest to loan me the Sportsvan Highline for a review, after they read my blog on the VW Jetta. My initial thought was: are there significant differences compared to my Jetta? After a 3-day test drive, I have uncovered so many features and gathered a bucket full of thoughts about the Sportsvan.

VW Sportsvan and Jetta side by side


Whenever I mention the name “Sportsvan” to my peers, they thought I was reviewing a van. The Sportsvan is actually a compact 5-seater MPV. It is shorter than Jetta by 83mm, a little wider than Jetta, slightly shorter wheelbase. This, plus a shorter front bonnet, makes the Sportsvan easy to manoeuvre. It might be hard to tell it’s a Sportsvan on the road because there is no badge behind the car, unless owners opt for the sticker decal that runs along the doors.

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