Volkswagen Passat Highline technology, drive review: The privilege of comfort

Once upon a time, the luxury car marketin India was a truly niche category. Even in the Tier I cities, spotting a car made by one of the European brands was a novelty, and that novelty itself carried on its shoulder a large chunk of the sizeable price tag that cars in this category command. The Volkswagen Passat may have missed that era by a few years, but back in 2010, when it was introduced in the Indian market, it still held its ground as a full-size luxury sedan by a brand that was aiming for a more mass-market appeal as Volkswagen India.

Back then, luxury sedans were majorly about the weightage of the brand, and most car buyers went by how long the car’s wheelbase was, and how excessive the legrooms were. Throw in features like a sunroof, wireless phone connectivity and ambient lighting, and that’s what the recipe for most luxury sedans was. Now, though, a lot has changed about car buyersin India, just like the car in question itself – the new generation Volkswagen Passat.

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