Volkswagen Golf GTI Old v New: 2018 MkVII v 2007 MkV comparison

Despite the recent avalanche of go-fast Volkswagen Golfs off the back of 2017’s Mark 7.5 update, there’s evidence about that you can’t please everyone all of the time. Not that VW Australia hasn’t been trying. The evergreen ‘staple’ five-door front-drive GTI returned, of course, as did the R in both hatch and wagon forms as the initial dumping. These were followed almost immediately by a deluge of all-you-can-eat versions such as the three-door GTI Performance Edition 1 and R Wolfsburg Editions.

By the very brief time it took Volkswagen Australia to concoct and release cut-priced hatch and wagon versions of the R with the new Grid nameplate, you’d figure that, yes, all bases might be covered for all tastes, but no, there was still one important niche left to fill in Hot Golf-dom…

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