Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport Edition 40 review: The retro-inspired hot hatch

The fact that the GTI Clubsport even exists is a miracle in itself. Volkswagen already offers the brilliantly capable GTI and the Golf R for those needing extra spice, while the fallout from an emissions scandal has seen the entire Volkswagen group withdraw from publicising anything overtly sporting or CO2-emitting.

We should be thankful, then, that engineers decided to celebrate the 40th birthday of one of the most influential hot hatches on the planet with a complete rascal of a machine.

The changes, tweaks and additional niceties on the Clubsport may seem subtle from afar. Slip behind the wheel, however, and all becomes clear: this is true front-wheel-drive menace that manages to give a gigantic nod to the golden era of hot hatches without compromising on the mod cons.

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