Updated Jaguar F-Type Tames Some of its Roar

Along with minor styling tweaks for 2021, the F-Type R now boasts 575 horsepower. It also has a Quiet Start mode. Your neighbors will thank you.

The Jaguar F-type has always been a little bit of an enigma. Most people agree it’s a beautiful car, but it competes with the memories of its predecessors more than it does any modern car out there right now.

Consider the least expensive F-type, the $62,625 P300 coupe: Perhaps car buyers aren’t always rational actors—if they were, Honda would sell 5 million Accords per year—but at that price, you’d have to be a pretty committed Anglophile to go for the four-cylinder Jag over a Chevy Corvette C8 or a Toyota Supra.

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