Toyota Prius review: Celebrating 20 years of the hybrid car

It might seem scarcely believable, but in 2017 the Toyota Prius celebrates its 20th Birthday. To mark this momentous occasion, we took the opportunity to crack out the candles and review this, the fourth generation of Toyota’s most famous hybrid car.

Twenty years is a long time. Back in 1997, few would have believed that the world’s first hybrid saloon car would morph through four generations from being the strict preserve of the eco-hippy, to The Oscars red carpet transport, before becoming a firm favourite of the Hollywood celeb, and arriving at today’s fourth generation – the car most likely to be taking you home from your night out in London’s West End. And earlier this year, Toyota passed a landmark – it sold more than 10 million hybrids worldwide, in that 20-year period.

But things move on. We’re sat writing this with a fully electric car plugged-in on the drive (a BMW i3, FYI).

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