Top 10 Terribly Cool Things About The New Indian FTR1200

It was rough duty suffering the slings and arrows of trans-Atlantic air travel to bring back news of Indian’s exciting new FTR1200, but somebody had to do it.

Aer Lingus, formerly the state airline of Ireland and consistently posting superior passenger BAC levels for decades, has gone the way of the world: Nary an empty seat on the Airbus A330, and barely a drop to drink all the way to Dublin. I pressed onward in spite of it all. We published all the press kit info here October 1, the day of the big coming-out party. Here we take a slightly deeper dive, with Indian’s Ben Lindaman, International Product Director, on the opening day of the Intermot show in Cologne (though a bunch of the photos are from the coming-out party the night before).

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