The Complete Guide to Parking Space Management

Parking Space Management is an often overlooked, but vitally important, element of running a successful business in any built-up area. Parking Space Management has a major impact on employee satisfaction (and consequently efficiency), customer ease of access, and even the security of your business. Taking control of your business’ parking situation is easier than you might think, and is something all business owners should consider.

The first question is of course, what is Parking Space Management?

Parking Space Management is an extremely varied field, but in essence, it comes down to taking agency over your Parking solution. Common examples include adding dedicated parking control for your customers and employees or even going so far as to add identification checks for your employee’s vehicles if your business has heightened security needs. You can also add quality of life features such as pre-booking spaces, on-site navigation, and automated entry and exit for your employees and customers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at three of the most important reasons you should be implementing a Parking Space Management system in your business.

A Happy Employee Is A Productive Employee

Let’s just look at some data for a moment here.

A study conducted in 2019 showed a strong link between employee efficiency and happiness, this is the kind of thing we all take for granted, but it’s good to have some proof behind it.

And on the other hand, we have this survey conducted in 2020 that showed that Employees typically spend 90.5 hours per year searching for a parking spot, and 39% of motorists say that finding a parking spot is stressful.

So taking these points, it’s easy to see that by your employees getting stressed by your parking solution, their work efficiency is directly affected.

Providing a reliable parking solution is often overlooked as a very easy way to improve employee morale and efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction Is More Important Than Ever

We all know that Customer Satisfaction is the number one priority for almost every business, particularly in front-facing businesses in the retail sector, and in a time where customer activity is shifting more towards online retail than their brick and mortar counterparts we need to focus on delivering the best possible experience to keep customers engaged.

When looking at a customer journey, we look at the entire process from beginning to end, and for retail, that journey starts with parking. All high street retailers understand the importance of convenient parking for customers. We’ve all been in the frustrating situation of circling a parking spot looking for an empty spot or waiting for someone else to leave. It’s an unpleasant experience that starts your customer journey off on a negative. Looking back at the statistics in the previous point, 39% of motorists find parking to be stressful, that applies to your customers as well, and if you can prevent that unnecessary stress, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your customer’s experience.

By transitioning to a managed parking system you can manage customer expectations, direct them with ease to the nearest space, or even integrate an automated payment/identification system that makes the process entirely seamless for your customers. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

Keep Your Business Safe

We often underestimate the importance of peace of mind, but on both personal and professional levels, it is incredibly important.

When working with highly sensitive information, or even simply dealing with valuable resources it is an unfortunate fact that your business could be a target for a number of criminal enterprises. It’s important to keep your business and employees safe and although there are several steps you can take within the building that can improve the security of your premise, many people overlook the importance of a secure parking system.

Secure parking systems are a vital part of any business’ security plan, and although it is possible to manually implement some degree of parking security, having a manual process to deal with that can be costly and require a lot of additional manpower, whereas automated systems can handle your security needs with ease, ensuring that only pre-approved vehicles can even access your parking lot, never mind your building.

Combining a secure parking system with a visitor access control system in your building gives you a completely secure and foolproof security system, so you know that your business is safe. Of course, there are hundreds of different options for implementing a Parking Space Management system, and each business will have unique needs, but by taking the time to assess what the priorities of your business are you can significantly improve your customer experience and your business as a whole.

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